Preparations…We all prepare for something everyday. We prepare to go to work, our kids prepare to go to school, we prepare our food, we prepare our schedules for the week, you get the picture. Everyday is a day of preparing, usually it is all we do sometimes. However, as this 2013 year has started I have become more aware that some people are preparing for catastrophic events that may or may not ever occur. The massive earthquake making California fall into the ocean, the massive tsunami that has a 500-foot tall tidal wave, economic collapse where death, destruction and panic are all over the world. They use terms like “Doomsday” and “The Apocalypse”. There are shows that follow the lives of families preparing for such days. Before I continue, let me say that preparing for natural disasters and having emergency plans and storm shelters is not a bad thing. On the contrary, it is wise and necessary in our area with hurricanes and tornados. Hey, our family is looking into buying and underground storm shelter. However, I’ve been more interested in looking at the preparations being made where people are buying $50,000 underground bunkers and stocking up on zombie bullets. Really… Zombies!?!?

I know that these people are in the minority, however, it is interesting that people have a sense that if the world does come to an end that they will be ready on man’s terms and by their own knowledge and abilities. Countless hours and money are spent in preparing for a day in which they believe that all their preparations will save them and their families. I’m not a weekly prepper television show viewer but the few episodes I have watched, I’ve noticed one thing missing in all their comments, no one mentions their faith or trust in God. It makes me wonder, where do they place their faith? It looks like God is a non-factor. If you don’t believe that God is in control of all events on this earth, one can see the urgency in these individuals. For me God is the creator of this universe and is in control of all events. Yes it is very hard for me to understand everything, and yes I can’t comprehend it all. However, I’m reminded by His Word that it is faith alone! I hate to tell the family that spends $50,000 for an underground bunker with the nice TV and above ground cameras to hide from the enemy/zombies…this won’t keep the world from ending, if the Lord chooses. I read something written one time that said, “The future is a phantom seeking to spook you.” The future can be spooky sometimes, the unknown is always there, as we live in a sinful world. Ray Lewis, the long time middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens mentioned Psalm 91 to the media in the recent NFL playoffs. Even though I have read Psalm 91 before, I couldn’t remember what it was about. I was intrigued to see what this book and chapter meant to this man, who has had a troubled past. I’ve only written one verse with this devotional but I encourage you to read the entire chapter. You can do it, it is not that long! Psalm 91:9 “If you make the Lord your refuge, if you make the Most High your shelter, no evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home.